Akwaaba – Welcome to Ghana


Akwaaba – Welcome to Ghana

Welcome to Ghana

Edited by Buchmann, Gerhard, Translation: Alfer, Alexa, Photos: Presley, François Maher

Presley, François Maher

Publisher: in-Cultura.com (2007)

Language: German, English

Bound, 196 p., 200

32 cm

ISBN-10: 3-930727-18-8

ISBN-13: 978-3-930727-18-6

KNV title no .: 64364685

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Visitors from the northern hemisphere or other parts of the world who are coming to Ghana for the first time will inevitably notice the double face of Ghana, which combines old and new, local and foreign, tradition and modernity as they roam the country. Customs and colonial structures continue to exist long after Ghana’s independence, as in many other former colonial-ruled areas, such as in Latin America or the Caribbean. Add to that the diversity of native languages, handicrafts and the cultural customs and traditions of the many different ethnic groups living here. All this is encountered not only in the countryside and in the historical homelands of the various ethnic groups, but also in the cities and metropolises of the country. Responsible for this is the increasing mobility of the population, which reached its peak in the colonial era and is now greatly accelerated by socio-economic, political and cultural development programs as well as initiatives in the areas of health, education and communication.

While for most Ghanaians, this colorful diversity is simply part of everyday life, social interaction, and the festivals and occasions that they celebrate, foreign visitors, accustomed to other everyday images and rhythms of life, all initially find it confusing feel. Any guide that would facilitate his access to this alien world should be welcomed, for as the ancient saying of the Akan says, “The stranger’s eyes may be large, but they still can not see the city clearly.” In my opinion, this very insight has led to the creation and elaboration of this volume.

Before concluding, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the authors of Welcome to Ghana. Not only did they demonstrate foresight, but they also wrote this volume from their very own, subjective perspective that allows them to share their long-term experience and knowledge of the country with others. I am firmly convinced that even those readers who can not come to Ghana in person, through this book in the spirit travel this place and be inspired by the more artistically than ethnographically inspired images. But also Ghanaian readers are likely to find that what we have to tell with this book two “outsiders” about their experiences in Ghana and their impressions of our cultural sites, which are so natural for us to everyday life, to tell, very interesting. Therefore, I hope that this band, which will initially be aimed at visitors, will be available not only at tourist stands but also at local bookstores.

Emeritus Professor J.H. Kwabena Nketia

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