SANKAHL GNEGNE Millet Semoule 500 g


Ingredients: Millet

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The millet semolina is ground in large granules, is not substituted and can be used to make porridge and other uses such as desserts, salted or sweet soufflés, puddings, vegetable cake with vegetables or for a crumble. It can also be use in the preparation of gluten-free bread dough. When preparing add 1 volume of semolina for 2 volumes of liquids. The cooking time is approximately 15 minutes.

Millet is an indigenous grain available in its natural form and contains amazing health benefits. It helps in lowering bad cholesterol and therefore great in protecting against heart disease. It also prevents type 2 diabetes and is known for its detoxifying abilities. Miller also helps in boosting immunity and keeps many diseases at bay like breast cancer, liver disease, kidney stones and regulates blood pressure. Millet is known to be a rich source of magnesium which is one of the important minerals for increasing the efficiency of insulin. According to a study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, eating foods high in insoluble fibre, such as millet, can help women avoid gallstones.

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