Why People Buy on AfricShopping

AfricShopping guarantees its customers the following:


  • Verified and trusted sellers
  • Privacy (secure system + SSL certificate)
  • Discount prices
  • Quick delivery
  • Fresh and quality products
  • Flexible payment options

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Social reasons:
  •  When you buy on AfricShopping you are indirectly supporting hardworking African farmers, craftsmen and women, manufacturers, as well as all those who ensure homemade products get to every African in Diaspora.


  •  You support our charity projects. AfricShopping dedicates a portion of its revenue to support underprivileged people in Africa.


  •  You are indirectly supporting government’s integration efforts. How? When a seller sells he is more financially secure and stable, as a result he feels more at home.


  • You are contributing to the economic strength of the participating African countries and that of Europe.


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