Short Stories from South Africa

Text in English
Mühlmann, Horst
Hrsg. v. Horst Mühlmann u. Werner Schneider, Nachdr.
Availaible in German and English
2012 – Cornelsen Verlag



Reading is fun – and all the more so with an English-language reading that your students can master at home alone. This is easily possible with the literature and geography packages. The packages provide exciting, informative, or controversial reading books that serve as the foundation of a class library. The fiction titles in the Cornelsen Senior English Library are assigned to three levels of difficulty. The Juvenile Fiction is particularly suitable for the class 11 (difficulty level 1 / secondary level II), but also for high-performance students of the class 10 (difficulty level 3 / secondary level I). For grades 11 and 12, as well as the basic course in grade 13, the titles are recommended on difficulty level 2. Difficulty level 3 is for grade 13. What’s more, geography can be exciting. The ethnographic text collections in the Cornelsen Senior English Library introduce various regions of the English-speaking world and explore key aspects of their politics, society, culture and history. Fictional and non-fictional texts complement each other; Info boxes provide factual information at a glance. “The short stories in this collection are mainly post-apartheid and reflect the problems of the new South Africa: the coexistence of different ethnic groups, increasing violence, the onset of AIDS, etc. In addition to well-known authors such as Gordimer, Naidoo and Bosman lesser known authors speak


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