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Large AudienceSecure Selling EnvironmentLogistics SupportLess Effort, More MoneyAffordable Registration FeesEasy To Start


When you list on AfricShopping your products are placed in front of over 70 million active internet users in Germany and many more in the world at large. 




Selling on internet these days can be very challenging due to various online fraud activities. AfricShopping has put necessary resources in place to ensure highly secure transactions between the sellers and the consumers.



We provide logistics support to all our sellers no matter where they are located. We do this through our logistic partners. Our quick delivery approach enhances the relationship between sellers and their customers which in-turn leads to repeated sales. 



As a seller on AfricShopping all you need to do is to list your products, get the product ready for delivery after receiving an order, change the order status upon delivery to customer and nothing more! Just sit and watch as money rolls in. Major parts of the selling process (such as marketing, advertising, customer acquisition, delivery, etc) are being taken care of by AfricShopping.



Our fees being friendly and affordable make us a choice over our competitors. We don’t charge either per month, per year or per product. We only charge “one-off payment” registration fee and a sales commission which comes after a successful sale of a product on With these fees we are able to continue providing you excellent services.

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To sell on AfricShopping you only need 3 things: a computer or a smart phone connected to internet, a PayPal account and a verifiable address, that’s all. To join the league of successful AfricShopping store owners, click here to register and start selling.

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