M. Sellers Services Fees


1. Registration Fees

These registration fees are due on all sellers using AfricShopping for the first time.

Registration fee is only to be paid once, thereafter you can sell any product of your choice on AfricShopping without additional fees.

Retailer Vendors Location
0 Euro (incl. VAT) Africa
0 Euro (incl. VAT) Everywhere else


2. Sales Commission

The sales commission is currently (15% + 0.75€) of the total Amount paid by the customer for a transaction (this fee includes payment processing charges).

3. Value Added Services


3.1. Featured Sellers

A seller can be listed for free as a featured seller if he/She meets the conditions stated in the Sellers Agreement paragraph 3, sub-section 3. Otherwise, the following fees apply:

Period Fee (incl. VAT)
1 week 5 Euro
2 weeks 8 Euro
3 weeks 12 Euro
4 weeks 15 Euro


3.2. Promoted Listing

coming soon


4. Storage and Fulfillment Services

coming soon